Donna Dimayuga: the Achiever, the Commander, and the Creative

Ogilvy & Mather’s Creative Director and 2-time adobo adobo LIA’s delegate to Cannes Young Lions, Donna Dimayuga, will show us just how any alpha female commands her fleet.

Not many people have the capacity for standout achievements, especially at an early age.  It takes not only vision, but skill. Ogilvy & Mather Creative Director Donna Dimayuga proves this when she was qualified to attend the London International Advertising (LIA) Awards as a delegate for Cannes Young Lions in Las Vegas not once, not twice, but thrice, the third time apparently vetoed to give other young Filipino creatives a chance.

Dimayuga also received a Cannes Lion and a Grand Prix from AdFest for Pantene’s Labels Against Women, and topped a huge pool of applicants for a scholarship to the Berlin School of Creative Leadership’s Executive MBA Program through adobo magazine. Apart from the Berlin school’s quality curriculum, the brilliant people she met along the way motivated her to her best efforts yet.

She also won the first D&AD Impact Pencil for the Learning Boats of Leyte initiative for Philippine Airlines, and most recently, they launched the KFC First Filipino Colonel campaign, which was extremely well-received and had phenomenal results. More than the awards for her own efforts, Dimayuga values the lessons of leadership and the opportunity to work with younger creatives, offering empathy and the motivation to act fast and act now. She deems this part of what makes advertising so endearing. As a young leader herself, Dimayuga tries to embody “the person I needed when I was younger.”