Meet the mysterious artist behind 8-bit, the internet’s beloved hugot corner of the world

The page has evolved from its simple yet impactful one-liners, sometimes breaching free verse and romantic paragraphs.

Kids of the 90s will always remember the pixelated and washed-out visuals of their video games and movies, that even despite the post-modern gaming technology that has blessed our generation with superior image qualities, there is still some sort of nostalgic romance about them that we cling on to. Several artists born from this period pay tribute by bringing these graphics to life on digital social media platforms—artists like 8-bit fiction. Coming from the roster of aesthetic and nostalgic pages of today, 8-bit fiction offers its followers a ‘feels’ trip in shape of pixelated artistry married with pure poetry.

8-bitfiction has been in operation since 2010. Since then, the page has successfully built its online community with a humble following of 7,700 on Instagram, 119,000 on twitter, and over 164,000 likers on Facebook. The pixelated poetry of 8-bitfiction prides itself with ‘honesty, brevity and friendliness.’ The artist’s sincerity gave life to the art thus making its content more heartfelt. This adds up to the reminiscent content of 8-bitfiction that people are often drawn to. “Perhaps to some, as is the case with myself, it reminds them of the games they played from childhood! For the younger crowd, I’m not really sure. I hope it’s because they find the stuff I make nice!” shares 8-bit fiction. Their visuals focus mostly on pixelated art reminiscent of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) or the Atari back in the day.

It started as a group of artists writing silly flash fiction for NES Screenshots. The project carried on for a few years until some of the past artists moved on to other projects. Eventually, the flash fiction was simplified into one liner quotes that were kept in the notepad of 8-bitfiction’s artist. “A few years later, on another fine day with nothing to do, I replaced the fiction with lines I kept in a notepad file, and lines friends suggested,” they add, “It wasn’t until 2014 that the project became popular.”

8-bit fiction has been a coping mechanism for many, especially the artist. “[I often] sit alone in a cold room, on MS Paint, listening to nice music helps me cope with my anxiety.” Inspiration stems from the bittersweet experiences of life and the simple joy of creating. “I love creating things and making art—it’s my job, it’s what I do for fun, and it’s what I want to do with my life—that, and loving.”

The page has evolved from its simple yet impactful one-liners, sometimes breaching free verse and romantic paragraphs. The art, as well, admits the artist, has improved vastly from its early beginnings. With new content on the rise and, in their words: “Plans! Something to read, something to wear, something to watch, and something to do!” 8-bit fiction will always be something worth looking back on.